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 Styrofoam is one type of group 6 plastic made from polystyrene and gas. Styrofoam is also called foamed polyesterene (FPS). The basic material is polystyrene, which is a very light, rigid, translucent, and inexpensive plastic. It's just that, its weakness is its fragile nature. To increase its strength mixed with butadiene compounds which are synthetic rubber. The addition of butadiene is what causes the polystyrene not to clear anymore and changes color to milky white. In addition, to increase flexibility, plasticisers are added, such as dioctilptalat (DOP), butyl hydroxy toluene (BHT), or n-butyl stearate.

Sundjaya Mitra Indo is a Styrofoam distributor all in Jakarta, Styrofoam distributor products that we sell are quality products and Styrofoam distributor prices that we offer are relatively cheaper than the market.

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